3 Idiots - All is well

3Idiots or 3Idiots is best movie of last year.  Aamir Khan, VidhuVinod Chopra,  Rajkumari hirani made this fantastic movie.  The movie brings a great message for society - mainly to young generation and to their parents and guardians.  In India there is a lot of pressure on student to become Engineer, Doctor.  All parents wants their Teen to get good marks in school and then get admission in engineering, medicine and secure their future.   The movie brought a message that one should do the work they are passionate about.  The movie also gives message that student should not focus on just remembering books chapter but focus on getting practical knowledge.  The movie is eye opener for parents who are obsessed for making their kids engineer and doctors.  The movie is also a guidance for teacher, professor and education system who are running a factory for producing engineers.

The most important message movie bring is - "All is well."  this is a main dialog that is used throughout of movie.  It tells audience that one should not panic in difficult circumstances and be optimistics.

There are so many good things one can learn from this great movie.  However audience do not feel this is lecture.  The movie is full of entertainment.  The movie is about students of engineering and it has many scene related to engineering college hostels.  The scenes are very entertaining and one can relate to what happens in hostels.  From ragging, romance, drinking, stealing upcoming exam paper, making fun of professor - all variety of scens are these.  The scenes are written and directed very well.  The movie is full of fun.

Incidentally one of scene in movie is biggest comedy of year.

An engineering student who does not know Hindi try to remember a Hindi Note and present in front of his college.  The fun part is – the word Chamtkar (mirale) is replaced by Balatkar (rape) by other students.  You can image what will happen if student says – Our Dean has done balatkar and we will also keep doing balatkar…… and fun goes on.

Like other Indian Movies, romance is filled in 3 Idiots.  The movie is about youngster and romance betweek Aamir khan and Karina played a critical role in the movie.  There are good romantic songs too

Aamir khan     as  Rancho  /Ranchor Das Chanchad / Phunsuk Wangdu

Madhavan as Farhan

Sharman Joshi as Raju

Boman Irani as Viru Sahastrabudhie

Chatur Ramalingam as Omi Vaidya


The movie deserve a 5 star rating.   Here is full review of movie 3 idiots


"3 Idiots - 5 star rating.